Off-Season Training



Thanks to all parents, athletes and coaches that help create a great training environment for the betterment of the athletes. It was a great offseason. See you in 2022!


At San Antonio Swift we take your athletes preparation very seriously. Quality preparation is more than simply running or jumping, it includes preparations of the mind and body. This is what prepares your athlete for success. Our off-season training program is geared to prepare your athlete for the rigorous competition of indoor and outdoor track and field. Concentration of off-season training includes strength, conditioning, technique, speed endurance, max velocity and much more! From the nationally ranked athletes to those wanting to be better on a more local level, our coaching staff is dedicated to bringing the very best out of each athlete. 

Offseason Events Include:

Sprints, Middle Distance, Distance, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Hurdles, Multi-Event


Safety Guidelines:  

  • Temperature will be taken prior to each practice for both coaches and athletes.

  • It is mandatory that face mask be worn to AND from car to designated practice area

  • Athletes are allow to arrive only 5min prior to the start of practice.

  • No sharing of equipment, water or clothing.

  • Social distancing will be enforced during stretches, warm up and other related activities.