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Elevate your performance to the next level by joining Coach K's exhilarating Sprint Off Season Training Sessions! 


Dive into an action-packed journey of strength enhancement, plyometric prowess, and technical mastery, all centered around turbocharging your starts, perfecting transitions, and mastering the art of race mechanics. 


Get ready to ignite your potential and dominate the competition!

Monthly AutoPay-High School Sprint Off Season Training (starts at $200)

PriceFrom $165.00
Price Options
New Athlete AutoPay
New Athletes
$200.00every month for 3 months
Returning AutoPay
Returning Athletes
$165.00every month for 3 months
  • Welcome to our Sprints Off Season monthly training program hosted by Coach "K". Please follow the registration steps below.


    STEP 1- SWIFT Online registration*- This is a monthly recurring charge.


    *You must give a 30-day notice to cancel by emailing admin @


    STEP 2 - San Antonio SWIFT TC is a sanctioned AAU program. In order to participate in any of our programs offered, AAU membership is required. Extended coverage membership must be purchased.


    Purchase membership at AAU 


    $22.00 - Extended Coverage Membership (AB)*

    Club Code - RSYB5CA5


    There are no refunds available in AAU once membership has been issued. Please make sure to choose the correct membership.


    STEP 3 -  Enter the correct email. You will receive more info on team communication app once registered.


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